Alternate Director

Appointed to represent the company director who is not present on a meeting of directors, and having the right to vote on his behalf.


The beneficiary of an annuity who receives a stream of payments pursuant to the terms of the annuity contract.


An unsecured contract between the company and the annuitant that is used to provide for one's later years. Results in a stream of payments made to the annuitant during his or her lifetime under the annuity agreement. Taxes are paid on the income, interest earned and the capital gains but only to the extent as and when they are received. Currently, there is no annual limit on purchases, but there is no tax credit for purchases. An annuity is not an insurance policy.

Anti-Avoidance Measures

When related to tax havens, these measures are applied to prevent tax avoidance or reduction. Usually this is the displacement of one or more connecting factors from the tax haven jurisdiction (either of general character, or referring to a specific tax haven). The anti-avoidance measures may appear in domestic tax systems or be imposed by tax treaties.


Certificate of Good Standing. Available in the countries which have signed the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961.

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